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Their parents also tell them at a very young age that they need to marry a dr or lawyer, and that anything else lower than that they are selling themselves short. So all and all persians a very materialist , at least the ones in America.

That's exactly what she said. Also, do you happen to know how to phonetically write Lady in Persian?

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I think it's Hannoum or something to that effect but not sure. My friend wants a Reddit account name: There are definitely some rude ass chicks who think the world owes them and are just demanding.

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I feel like persian guys are used it and just give in into their demands. They really make us regular chicks feel ashamed.

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Sometimes I feel like I dont fit in the persian dating circle because the girls are just divas and the men are whipped. Most of my Iranian girl friends really have certain expectations from the guy even before dating him. My white friends also are the same but to a lesser degree. So yes sadly theyre high-maintenance but there are down to earth irani ladies out there too I promise! As a Persian girl, from the East coast, I absolutely and grudgingly see a lot of truth to the stereotype.

I'm SO lucky my parents are both at the opposite end of the spectrum and instilled strong values in me, so obviously yes it's only a stereotype and there are plenty who don't fall into the category of high maintenance. But even within my extended family, my parents' successes are somewhat ignored because no one drives a Benz or BMW my dad did have a used Lexus for like ten years As I say this, I definitely fall into the category of somewhat high maintenance. I'm somewhat convinced it has to do with our culture. I really closely follow news in Iran especially the upcoming presidential election and love learning how to cook traditional meals, but I also can't pretend that I don't love my Chanel moisturizer.

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  7. I know it sounds super ridiculous, but I really believe that - I also always thought House of Sand and Fog was pretty spot on, your friend should read that. I also only legitimately know one other Persian girl who isn't a blatantly stereotypical, high maintenance Persian girl and we both, on many different occasions by Persians and non-Persians, have been referred to as "not really Persian" which is strange because my eyebrows would argue differently.

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    I have personal perspective,i am in love with and dating a woman who moved from tehran to canada 3 years ago. Who i am with proves that not all can be painted with same brush. To me she is an angel from tehran, She is the most beautiful precious woman i have ever met,and her eyes pierce my soul every time she looks at me.

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    I'm sorry if this was offensive, I'm genuinely curious. Want to add to the discussion? Also, what do you mean by more materialistic? This discussion is closed. Report Thread starter 4 years ago 1. Every single Iranian persian girl I've seen is incredibly good looking, like seriously, has anybody else noticed this?

    The only problem is that I've heard that Iranians don't date outside of their race and even if they do - they only go for dentists, doctors etc. Is there any point trying to go for an Iranian girl if you're not Iranian? The people I've spoken to said they 'look down' on pakis and Indians. Report 4 years ago 2. Original post by ando Every single Iranian persian girl I've seen is incredibly good looking, like seriously, has anybody else noticed this?

    Report 4 years ago 3. Ye they always look rich and classy lol.

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    The ones studying in UK anyway. Report 4 years ago 4. As a iranian gal, my dad only let's me date billionaires. Posted from TSR Mobile. Report 4 years ago 5. Some Iranian girls are ridiculously hot, especially the mixed ones. In terms of dating outside of their race it depends, and yes, to a lot of them, your intended career is a huge part. The Iranian girls I know say that the confident Indian and Pakistani boys who come up to them are often idiots and low lives cussy bros. Last Day Lepers Badges: Houston, Texas, United States.

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