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In this instructable i´ll try to show you how to install a home water meter. In this case i decide to install a water meter because the pyment fixed fee it´s very.
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Halifax Water has contracted Neptune Technology Group to replace the meter in your home at no charge to you. Neptune has installed millions of water meters for over 2, utilities and is a trusted resource. Yes, all customers must schedule an appointment to have their meter modernized. However, customers have an option to opt-out of the RF radio-frequency portion of a new meter installation. Please contact Halifax Water to start the opt-out process. Please remember, an appointment is still required to upgrade your existing meter to a new, non-RF meter regardless of their opt-out status for the RF portion of this program.

Halifax Water is upgrading its water meters technology to be compatible with the latest meter reading technology that offers benefits such as improved customer service, system operation and environmental benefits. Not all properties will need to have their water meter changed, however a new transmitter will need to be installed at all properties unless the customer opts out of the RF device.

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For more information, please contact customerservice halifaxwater. You will be notified when Neptune is in your area via an Appointment Notice sent directly to your home or commercial building. This Notice might be a letter or a pamphlet. When you receive the Notice, please schedule your appointment as soon as possible. You can book an installation appointment as soon as you receive an appointment notice in the mail.

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The appointment notice will have a reference number used to confirm your appointment. With your reference number, you will be able to book your appointment online at customerconnect. If you lose your reference number, you can still book an appointment online at customerconnect.

Neptune uses a variety of door tags to communicate with homeowners. Most often, door tags are used to indicate that you still need to book your appointment or that you have missed a scheduled appointment.

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It is important to read your door tag carefully to know what actions you need to take. The new water meters emit less radio frequency energy than many other commonly-used wireless devices, like cell phones, baby monitors, satellite TVs, and microwaves that are used daily by millions of people. Radio frequency moves through space at the speed of light. The new water meters use low-energy radio frequency waves to transmit information across distances.

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The California Council on Science and Technology is another excellent source. Access to account information is restricted to authorized Halifax Water personnel, who need the data to perform important functions, including improving billing and customer service. The transmitter that sends your meter reading has a unique identifier that is transmitted along with the read data.

This identifier is compared electronically to your account record to ensure that the meter reading matches the meter assigned to your account. With the new meter technology comes more water consumption data. Just like the old water meters, the new meters collect how much water you use. The main difference is the new meters collect more data throughout the day. No customer-identifying information such as names and addresses are stored in the meters or transmitted across the network.

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Protecting your data is a top priority. Security measures are tested and reviewed regularly to guard against unauthorized access. If there are any questions or concerns with the installation process, please contact Halifax Water Customer Care at Monday to Friday from 8: A water meter is a device that records water consumption.

Your water meter is connected to a transmitter, which takes consumption information and sends transmits it to a remote reading device that collects this data. This information is then used for billing purposes. The water meter is usually found in the basement, near the main water shut-off valve. This shut-off valve is located where your water service line comes into your home. Again, this is usually in your basement. If you are having trouble locating the water meter, you may want to check your furnace room, utility room, or near your hot water tank.

Water meters can occasionally be found in crawl spaces, or an installer may have to pass through such a space to gain access to the water meter. It is vital that you let Neptune know beforehand if a crawl space is involved. This will help the installer come prepared so that the required safety protocols are in place while the work is being completed. Your water shut-off valve is located where your water service line comes into your home, typically in your basement.

The installer will require a clear walking path to the meter area, as well as enough space to kneel down comfortably in front of the meter, with a small tool bag at his or her side. Neptune installers are trained to cut into drywall neatly and precisely. Once the installation is complete, this hole can be covered using an access panel or a cover box which will be installed at the end of the installation at no cost to you.

Most water meters are connected by a wire to a transmitter on the outside of the home. Once the meter and the transmitter are installed, Halifax Water can obtain transmitted consumption data using reading equipment, without entering your home. A newer version of this transmitter may be installed as a part of the water meter replacement or upgrade. In some cases, this may also require the installation of a new wire.

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  • This wire would connect to the meter inside your home. All technicians will be driving a vehicle with Neptune decals and will be in uniform. All installers are certified and trained to install water meters. Yes, it is possible. If an installer is in your area and Halifax Water has granted Neptune authorization, he or she may attempt to knock on your door and offer to do an installation with no scheduled appointment.

    Learn how to request a meter reading if you are selling property, preparing for new tenants, or other changes to your property. If you notice your water consumption is drastically higher than normal, we can review your high consumption to find out if there is an underground leak. Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services. Terms of Use Privacy policy Website accessibility. Skip to content Skip to main navigation Skip to section navigation Skip to search.

    Jobs and careers Guides. Home, property, and development. Water meters need to be installed into: Water meters in commercial buildings are often located inside utility rooms.

    Water meter with cover attached Water meter with cover missing Water meter maintenance City of Vancouver water meters are tested and maintained regularly, and in response to reported problems. All meters for large volume customers and fire lines are maintained annually All other compound meters are maintained every three years Water meter removal during construction The City's water service can be used in large scale construction, renovation, or excavation projects.

    For more details, read Section 29 of the Water Works Bylaw linked below. Understand water meters and utility billing Water meters Understand how water meters work and how they help us conserve our drinking water supply. Metered rates Find more information about metered rates for water, sewer, and energy. Request a meter reading Learn how to request a meter reading if you are selling property, preparing for new tenants, or other changes to your property.